Intel® Parallel Studio XE




  • 開發速度更快的執行碼:提升當前及下一代處理器上的應用性能。
  • 更快速的建立執行碼:利用工具包去建立更快速、更可靠的平行碼。

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018更新重點 :

Modernize Code for Performance, Scalability, and Portability

  • Deliver and scale forward with consistent programming for Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors using Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 instructions.
  • Find high-impact, but under-optimized loops using the Roofline analysis in Intel® Advisor.
  • Accelerate HPC with high-performance Python.
  • Stay up to date with the latest standards and integrated development environments (IDE):
    • Full C++14 and initial C++ 2017 (in draft)
    • Full Fortran 2008 and initial Fortran 2015 (in draft)
    • Python 2.7 and 3.6
    • Initial OpenMP* 5.0 (in draft)
    • Visual Studio* 2017 integration


版本 作用 2018 版更新內容
 Composer Edition(標準版) Build fast code using industry-leading compilers and libraries including new data analytics library C++ and/or Fortran compilers, performance libraries, and parallel models
 Professional Edition(專業版) Adds analysis tools Composer Edition plus performance profiler, vectorization optimization and thread prototyping, memory and thread debugger
 Cluster Edition(叢集版) Adds MPI cluster tools Professional Edition plus MPI cluster communications library and MPI error checking and tuning

Intel Parallel Studio XE 版本功能差異比較:

  Composer Edition(標準版) Professional Edition(專業版) Cluster Edition(叢集版)
Intel C++ Compiler
Intel Fortran Compiler
Intel® Distribution for Python
Intel Math Kernel Library
Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library c++ only
Intel Threading Building Blocks c++ only
Intel Integrated Performance Primitives c++ only
Intel Advisor XE  
Intel Inspector XE  
Intel VTune Amplifier XE  
Intel MPI Library    
Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector    
Intel® Cluster Checker(For Linux* only)    
Rogue Wave IMSL* Fortran Numerical Library Bundled and Add-on Add-on Add-on
Priority Support
Operating System (Development Environment) Windows (Visual Studio), Linux (GNU), OS X4 (XCode) Windows (Visual Studio), Linux (GNU) Windows (Visual Studio), Linux (GNU)


Intel DAAL

利用 Intel® 資料分析加速函式庫 (Intel® DAAL) C++和Java* API在同一節點上處理更多大量資料。 Intel DAAL 提供高度優化的演算法建構模組,加快週邊設備到伺服器等平台上的大量資料分析的性能。涵蓋所有資料分析階段(預先處 理、轉換、分析、建模和決策),可用於離線、串流媒體和分布式分析模式。與常用資料平台(包括Hadoop 和Spark)緊密集成,實現高效的資料存取。