PGI 2018 重點更新

  • PGI OpenACC and CUDA Fortran now support CUDA 9.2 running on Tesla Volta GPUs.
  • PGI compilers which now support the lastest generation of HPC CPUs including Intel Skylake, IBM POWER9 and AMD Zen. PGI Fortran 2003, C11 and C++14 compilers deliver state-of-the-art SIMD vectorization and benefit from newly optimized single and double precision numerical intrinsic functions on Linux x86, Linux OpenPOWER, and macOS.
  • All PGI compilers now support the latest OpenACC features on both Tesla GPUs and multicore CPUs.
  • PGI compilers leverage Pascal and Volta GPU hardware features, NVLink and CUDA Unified Memory to simplify OpenACC programming on GPU-accelerated x86-64 and OpenPOWER processor-based servers.
  • AVX-512 Support.
  • PGI C++ compiler introduces partial support for the C++17 standard when compiling with ‑‑c++17 or ‑std=c++17. Supported C++17 core language features are available on all supported macOS versions and on Linux systems with GCC 5 or newer.
  • Previously available with PGI compilers for Linux/OpenPOWER, PGI 2018 introduces support for OpenMP 4.5 syntax and features in the PGI Fortran, C and C++ compilers on Linux/x86-64.
  • PGI Unified Binary for Tesla and Multicore.
  • Use C++14 Lambdas with Capture in OpenACC Regions.
  • Release 2018 includes an LLVM code generator for x86-64 fully integrated with the PGI Fortran, C and C++ compilers, including support for OpenACC and CUDA Fortran.